The Geography of Pluto Book Trailer

I had such a great time creating a book trailer for The Family Way, I decided to make one for The Geography of Pluto, too. Back when my first novel came out, in 2014, technology wasn’t like what it is today and I’m impressed by all the tools now available for design novices like me.

Although similar in voice, both of my books are very different, with The Geography of Pluto being more dark and emotional. It’s about distance and loneliness, and I wanted to mimic the atmosphere of the novel as best I could with the visuals.

I used a template from Canva to create the bones of the trailer and then sourced images online. The images come from NASA and from Unsplash, which is a great online source of free photos. Big thanks to the photographers whose images I used: Jp Valery, Etienne Delorieux and Robbie Koeck.

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