The Family Way

Véhicule Press / Esplanade Books

(April 2021 / US: fall 2021)

I have always been interested in queer domestic life, and The Family Way is about the way we make families. My main character is a gay man named Paul. On the eve of his fortieth birthday, long-time friends Wendy and Eve ask him if he will help them start their family. The book chronicles their experiences trying to make a baby, while also exploring Paul’s evolving relationship with his partner of three years, Michael, a somewhat free spirit and wayward soul who is 11 years his junior.

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The Geography of Pluto

Véhicule Press / Esplanade Books

(Spring 2021) / Cormorant Books (2014)

What started out as scribbles on cocktail napkins in Montreal’s gay bars turned into a very personal story about love and loss. The Geography of Pluto examines the complex relationships gay men have with their mothers. It tells the story of Will, a geography teacher who struggles to have an honest relationship with his mother while also coming to terms with the end of his first serious relationship.

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The siren song of Andrew Holleran’s 1978 novel ‘Dancer from the Dance’


I’ve been having a lot of fun freelancing for Xtra this past year. I’ve written a few pieces on LGBTQ books. My latest assignment was for their Queer View Mirror series where they revisit important and influential pieces of queer culture. They asked me what I might want to write about, and I knew right away: Andrew Holleran’s seminal novel, Dancer from the Dance. I love this book so much, I re-read it every two years. I also named the two cats in The Family Way after Sutherland and Malone.

My Brilliant Friend

CBC Arts

During the winter of 2021, I was asked by CBC Arts to write about something that was a “warm blanket” for me during the pandemic—a piece of pop culture that provided warmth and care during the cold months of lockdown. Immediately, I thought of HBO adaption’s of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels. The books are among my favourite and I found watching the adaptation transported me to a place where I started to get curious about my own cultural roots.

Austin or Bust

enRoute magazine

In November 2017, I travelled to Texas to go “behind the seams” at the Austin International Drag Festival (which is pretty much like SXSW but with more mascara). It was the assignment of a lifetime. I had a fantastic time meeting the drag queens and kings travelling to showcase and perfect their art form. I was joined on my trip by photographer Matt Nager who set up a make-shift studio in his hotel room to shoot these talented performers. For this story, I won a 2019 National Magazine Award. You can read it here.


How to protect my parents from shock over the sex in my novel? Post-it notes!

The Globe and Mail

Self-censorship was something I struggled with from time to time while writing The Geography of Pluto. The book is about relationships so there was going to be some sex in there. I just needed to make sure that my desire to not have my parents change the way they saw me did not interfere with telling the truth of the story. Read the essay here.


First Person Queer: Who We Are (So Far)

Arsenal Pulp Press

Edited by Richard Labonté and Lawrence Schimel

First Person Queer is a collection of personal essays about the queer experience. My contribution was called “Shirts Versus Skins.” The story is about playing basketball with the other boys in high school, and my struggle to come to terms with my body hair. The book won a Lambda Literary Award for Best LGBT Anthology and a Gold Medal in the Independent Publisher Book Awards.