Postcards from Montreal

PostcardOne of the things I did to promote my book was have 1,000 postcards printed up.

They’re standard size – 4 x 6 – with the cover of the book on the front and a short description on the back. There’s a place for a stamp and an address and a message, and I am mailing them out to people and places across the country.

So far I have probably mailed out about 100 – to literary festivals, journalists, gay and lesbian associations, bookstores. I love getting mail and I thought sending a personalized postcard might be a unique way of introducing the book to people who don’t know me.

I particularly wanted to let Canada’s independent booksellers know about a special treat I am offering people who buy the book from their local bookseller (UPDATE: This offer is now over).

If you buy my book locally you are invited to contact me and send me a copy of your receipt. You can then select one of two options: snail mail or email. If you choose snail mail I will mail you a personalized thank you postcard from Montreal. If you choose email I will email you a short personalized video shout out from somewhere in the city.

It’s a small offering, but one I hope people will see it as a unique experience.

So far I have already heard from Bookmark bookstore in Halifax. They love the idea and have ordered extra copies of the book. I’m working with them to provide notes for each of the copies they have.

I love this! It’s exactly what I hoped would happen. I don’t know if time or money will allow me get to Halifax in the near future, but at least I can have this interaction with a local bookseller, this interaction with potential readers.

If you are a bookseller and want to find out how to participate, write me.

More information on the offer can be found here.


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