The Family Way Book Bundle

We’re almost there! My baby is due to hit shelves on April 21. It’ll be great to finally have the kid out in the world.

There will be an official launch sometime in May (albeit, online). But for now, I am offering my friends and family a chance to purchase a special limited-edition bundle to celebrate the book being born.

A few months ago, I wrote about how I designed a campy coffee mug to mark the occasion. The “My Queen” mug is a replication of the one that my main character Paul drinks fromx. My good friend Neil offered to illustrate the image, and we made 100 of them to sell alongside the book.

For $41 (taxes included) you can get a special package designed by my partner Greg (see below). It includes a signed copy of the book, a limited-edition coffee mug and a postcard. And if you live in the Montreal area, Greg and I will personally deliver the package to your home sometime in April.

If you live outside of Montreal and want a bundle, please know that there will be additional shipping costs (still trying to figure out how much and how best to send them).

But if you’ve already pre-ordered the book, or prefer to buy your own copy at your local bookseller, you can purchase just the mug too (for $20).

I’ve already sold 50 of the 100 bundles, so there are only 50 left. If you’re interested in purchasing one, please write to me directly at cd@christopherdiraddo.com to reserve yours.

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