3, 2, 1…

321… And we have lift off!

Welcome to my website. My name is Christopher, and I am a Montreal-based writer whose first book, The Geography of Pluto, will be published this spring by Cormorant Books.

I’m beyond excited.

I’ve started this blog to track the novel’s progress and to interact with readers (especially those I don’t know). It’s kind of incredible to me that I have spent more than a decade playing with imaginary friends, and now these friends are going to live in the minds of others. I hope everyone gets along.

I plan to write honestly about the life of the book – the successes, the defeats, the hopes, the doubts. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to write a book and then deliver it to the world, I hope this’ll inform.

I’ll write about other things too – about Can lit and queer lit, about publishing and promotion, about Montreal and my life. But I am mainly doing this so that I can keep an open dialogue with you, the reader.

So here’s my email address: mail@christopherdiraddo.com. Drop me a line, say hi. Let me know what you think about what you find here.

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